Our Approach

Here at Phil Day Butchers we pride ourselves with high quality local produce at a reasonable price. We only use local suppliers and farmers for our products. From the beef and lamb sourced from farms right here in the south west, the pigs born and raised on the same on the same farm, barn reared chickens available in store sourced from the south west , free range chickens available

to order right the way through to freshly made sausages, burgers, pies, pasties and a selection of cooked meats. All locally sourced from local suppliers and farmers right here from the south west, with a little bit of help from us.

Meet the Team


Phil Day

Owner/Head butcher

I first started in the meat trade back in 2004 working in a farm shop assisting the butcher with packaging the meat products ready for display and also having a weekly trip to the local abattoir to break down carcasses into primal cuts. After my time in the farm shop I moved onto a supermarket meat counter, where things were a little different. After a short time in the supermarket I realised it wasn't for me and moved back into the local, independent butchers scene.

From 2007 - 2015 I worked alongside many skilled and knowledgeable butchers gaining the experience, knowledge and skill that I have today. In 2015 after getting married and our first baby on the way, me and the missus decided to take it to another level and we started Phil Day Butchers with a massive amount of help from friends and family. Since then to where we are today, I'm still married (not sure how) and we now have a little girl and a little boy. Who knows what's going to happen in the future but for now were here in Radstock and plan to be for many years to come.


Jack Foxwell


Jack first started working here in 2015. Before this, he was working on a
supermarket meat counter picking up some knowledge along the way. Jack works alongside me on the block (hopefully picking up a bit more knowledge and skill) and also serving customers in the shop. And to keep the 'family' in 'family butcher' Jack is my wife's brother.


Lou Day

shop Assistant

Lou first started working here in 2015 With very little experience in the trade before she was chucked in the deep end having to learn everything along the way. And with rolling up her sleeves and getting on with the job she is now head pie/pasty maker. And to keep the 'family' in 'family butcher' Lou is my sister and like all brother and sister relationships, there is always a nickname. So please don't worry if you hear 'SQUIRT' mentioned from time to time.